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Shipment verification, prior to tendering to air, ocean or LTL/ Domestic Truck carriers. Sometimes on urgent shipments it may help to have prior verification before having important cargo delivered and then being at the mercy of the acceptance staff scrutiny which sometimes could delay a shipment. Most times when Special Provisions, Special Permit, Competent Authority and other not so common dangerous goods shipments tendered prior to explaining any additional approvals to the carriers may subject your shipment to unwarranted delays and/or rejections. Over the years we have found that communicating with your carriers in advance and explaining when the shipment will be tendered and all the unusual reasons the cargo is acceptable for transportation. Certain A2 Special Provisions being shipped for the first time to a new destination can take an unusual amount of time and additional communication with all parties involved. 

For example a shipment that is normally forbidden unless approved by a State of origin will need prior approval from the freight forwarder, air carrier, all countries of transiting the ultimate country of destination. Plus arrangements for clearance and delivery once arrived. First time Shipments may take weeks or even months to finalize all details. Once the process for that destination has been approved and all parties are satisfied the next shipment may take less time. Any followup shipments should take less time each once all parties are aware of the special needs.

If the same commodity transits to a new location the process will start all over again.

We can help consult with the normally Forbidden commodities.

Please feel free to call to see if we may be able to streamline your process.



If you are inteested in on-site training or specialized training on items and not the entire set of regulations, we can design an internal course just for your employees and management, We can modify the course to your specifics or complete the primary training course but use just your products as the practical exercises.
Please call or email for more information.

Dangerous Goods Training and Consulting via Multi modal (Air, Ocean and USA Domestic Ground) we can fulfill your employer and employee's needs.

Initial Training and recertification training is required by law. Air transportation is initial and recertification 24 months later.

We can also help you with incidents, inspections, audits, special projects and also changes to your policies and procedures concerning new or changes to items manufactured or becoming part of your for-sale-inventory. We have helped update SAP inventories and product profiles concerning shipping, and handling procedures in your facilities.

Call or email regarding any questions or concerns you may require help with.

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